Where has the time gone!

Its been a long while since my last post.  So much has changed.  So here is a quick update of the family.

Brielle: She is 26 months old and amazing.  Her growth has staggered a little but that is to be expected, she is always on the move.  She is holding steady at 24ish lbs, she has recently gotten a little taller.  Her vocabulary is amazing.  She speaks very clear and very well.  We get a lot of people who think she is older because of her ability to communicate so well.  She has hit her terrible 2’s, but they are not that bad.  However her desire to boycott naps is a real pain.  She has started to warm up to her daddy like crazy and loves her grandma and cousins Victoria and Nickolas so much.  She is still very much a Mommy’s Girl, which I love!

Baby Boy Bryce: Yup that’s right its a boy and he has a name.  We are so excited about his upcoming arrival.  He is so active in my belly.  As of 29 weeks and 4 days I am up 22lbs and a little bigger then I was with Brie at this point.  He is measuring great and cute as ever according to his last ultrasound.

Aron:  He is doing well, very busy but well.  He is still working like crazy but whats new?  He is liking his store for the most part but it has taken a toll on his stress.  He will adjust and will do just fine.  He is very much in love with his baby girl and very excited about his son.

Me:  I am uncomfortable but that’s to be expected at almost 30wks preggo.  I am more uncomfortable than I remember being with Brie at this point.  I have had a lot of stress with my Mom’s recent diagnosis of breast cancer and my sister being a complete and udder loser.  But thats life.  I can’t wait to have my baby boy, his birth is my strength to see each obsticle as one step closer to having my family complete.

Grandma Rose: She is doing well. She was having a lot of trouble accepting her diagnosis and everything that it entails but she is coming around.  She is very strong and I think starting to cope with what it is and not see it as a “poor me” situation. 

Victoria: She is doing well. WE are working on her attitude but other than that she is adjusting pretty well to the house and rules.  She is amazing with Brie. 

Nickolas: He is doing okay.  He is having a harder time adjusting to the rules and what is expected of him.  He has a very bad habit of talking back and being disrespectful but there has been some small improvement. 

Puppers: Sharaz, Dre, Emily and Drake (the kids dog) are all doing well.  WE probably will never have a clean floor longer then 10 min but what can you expect with 4 dogs.  They all get a long great and are great watch dogs.

So that s everything in a nutshell.  With the pregnancy winding down I hope to be more on top of blogging but we will see.  NOT sure what to expect with 2 babies.




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