Brie’s words…

Dearest Brie Brie,

You are hilarious with your “words”, you’ve decided to creat your own names for things and her are some of the funny names you’ve created:

Chocolate Milk—-“kite”


Dre—“pup pup”



Opa/Papa—“pop pop”

Aunt Jamie—“mimi”

The Lion King Movie—“Rarrrrr”

Toy Story Movie—“That”

Your an amazing kid and I love you so much!


BIG news

We are pregnant!  I am 6 weeks and 5 days!  Feeling all the wonderful : ( symptoms.  Every time I ask Brie if she wants to have a baby that we can keep she says “no” : )  Go figure.  Our due date is 10/11/12!  We are so excited!  We have an appointment on March 15, hoping to see the baby on ultrasound.  For now we are praying for a healthy little baby and healthy pregnancy for me!