Happy 19th Month!


You are now 19+months old!  You are such a little person now; opinions, ideas and this amazing personality.  You are so loved by your family and  you bring us such joy!


You wear size 2T and size 5 shoes.  You now like to decide what you want to wear.  Usually its your turtle shirt or your monkey shirt that Aunt Lin got you.  You like to try to dress yourself.  YOur pretty good at putting on your shoes but need some help with your pants as you are always putting both legs through one hole ; ) 


You talk a lot…YOu are putting two and three words together now.  You will say things like “Bri Bri go byebye”, “Bri Bri eat”.  “Where Go?”  “Whats that?”  “no no no nooooo”  <-your fave!  “help followed by the “please sign””


Your appetite depends on your mood.  Some days you eat great others you don’t have time to stop.  On those days you do better when we feed you. 

Potty Learning:

You are doing fantastic!  You use the bathroom 6-7 times a day.  You have pooed in the potty a few times as well.  It helps that your motivated by “treats” . 

New House:

You love the new house.  We are waiting to get the backyard fenced but you love playing out back with your babies and the pups.  We also got a new puppy Baby Dre, she loves you and you love her most of the time.  Unless she is eating your doll then you get so mad.  Its pretty cute.


You still sleep in our room.  Most nights you fall asleep in our bed and  I put you in  yours at some point in the night you crawl back into ours : )  Daddy is very ready for you to sleep in your own room, mamma is not : )

In all you are an amazing little girl!  You are growing so quickly and are so smart.  I thank God everyday for blessing me with you.




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