Happy 17 and 18 Month Birthdays!!!


I am the biggest slacker but life gets so busy and as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun!  Which we are, tons of fun!  I cannot believe that you are 18 months old….Holy crap, kid!  Everyday you remind me just how fast you are growing.  You speak new words, understand more than you can say, act like a little person, have a bad attitude at times, so independent and to top if off your freakishly beautiful.  I know I’m your mom and I might be a little biased but everywhere we go, other people just gauk at you.  These last two months have been really busy for your daddy and I.  I’ve been working a lot, too much actually.  I hate being away from you but when I work extra shifts it really helps fatten our poor old bank account.  Your daddy has been really busy opening his new restaurant.  Its been difficult for you, you have asked for him a lot these last few days.  We are also trying to buy a house.  Its been really stressful and we thought we had the perfect one.  However, it’s a bank owned and they are really dragging their feet on letting us know if they are going to accept our offer.  We are practicing patients and acceptance for whatever God’s plan is for our family.  If it is in his plan for our family to be in this house he will see to it.  If not I am sure he has something much better in store for us : )  That sums up the big stuff, lets talk about you and what you’re doing…


Your dolly’s, their bottles, their cloths and your stuffed turtle from Aunt Lin.  We sleep with all of these things every night.  I refer to it as your entourage.  You still love your “cookies” better known as organic strawberry rice biscuits.  You love to dress yourself in our cloths.  You like to go for walks and love your Yo Gabba Gabba!  You also like to put small items (dog food or dried pasta) in “baby bottles” and dump them into other containers.  Keeps  you busy for a long time.  You also love your real turtle. 


Food, boo hoo my good eater has gone away and a crazy toddler has taken over.  Your appetite has greatly decreased.  You also don’t like to listen very well.  Time out has become a part of our lives. 

Clothing Size:

Your still in 24 months/2T, shoes are still size 5. 

Potty Learning:

You use the potty almost every other day at least.  I think you are starting to get it.  I have been trying to put you in panties and work with you anytime we are home and hanging out.  Pretty sure we will get there very soon.


You say a lot of words and understand a lot more.  You mimic a lot of things that we say but your pronunciation is still pretty babyish.  That okay your doc said that is normal until about 3yrs old. 


You are a little less than 25% percentile for weight about 23.5lbs and a little bit higher than 50% for height.  Your head is the norm 50% percentile.

You are the love of my life my sweet girl.  You make my world go round and sun shine.  I am so thankful for everyday that I get to be YOUR mother.  I thank God for giving me such a beautiful blessing there is truly nothing I could ever do or say to really express just how amazing it is to have you as my daughter. 

Love forever and always,

Your Mommy


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