16 months

Breezy Brie,

You are on the cusp of your 16 month birthday. You are the most amazing little girl. I can’t get enough of you. So here are some fun facts:


Size 24-2T, Size 5 shoes ; ) You are on the biggest setting for your diapers. Speaking of clothes you are trying to “dress” yourself these days. As well as “undress” yourself. If you have on the velcro diapers (as opposed to the snaps) and nothing over top, there is a good chance we will find you prancing around naked. Good thing I love you cute baby butt!


You are talking like crazy. It so cute, right now when someone ask what you are doing you are likely to respond with “play-ing”. You mimic most words when asked however you don’t like to perform “party tricks” by this I mean you usually won’t say something when I ask you to in order to show off how sticking cute/smart/adorable you are. Go figure! You also say “ewww” a lot. It’s so cute. Oh and you recently started to say “three” after we count one, two….


You are very into your little babies right now. You wrap them up in wash cloths and walk around the house playing with them. Only to at some point throw or chew on them but it’s still really cute.


You are extremely active. You could go all day long without stopping and even when you’re sitting it’s not for long. You are still taking a decent nap..Thank God! You dance, CLIMB, jump, dance some more, climb on EVERYTHING and run all over. I’m pretty sure we will have some er visit before long with your fearless climbing adventures.


You eat almost everything. The list of what yo don’t eat is pretty limited. You really don’t love salad which we discovered last night. You recently tried artichoke hearts and loved them…pretty rare for a toddler. You love your “coookiez”.

Potty Learning:

We are trying to regularly practice our potty routine. You have successfully used the potty twice!!!!! When I have to go we go together. I think we are getting close but I will wait for you to show me that you are ready.


We are getting some routines down. Brushing your teeth in the morning and at night. You know exactly what to do and love it, that is until I “rebrush” your teeth to make sure they are clean. I think you mostly enjoy just playing in the water but hey you are a toddler.

Mommy’s Helper:

You help mommy unload/ load the dishes, put laundry in the dryer, fold (mostly unfold) laundry, wash dishes (play in the water), feed the doggies, feed the turtle…your a pretty amazing kid!


Recently you haven’t been as “kissy”, I knew it was a stage but gosh I miss all your random kisses. You still are very lovable. ON a sad note we discovered that you are allergic to fire ants and almost had an anaphylactic shock because of a bite on your toe. I will post a separate blog about this horrible incident. Nonetheless, I’ve been looking into bubble balls for you to live in : )

Brielle, I love you so much, no words could ever really express the love I have for you. The other day I was thinking about how one day you will have to go out and live your life and I won’t be there everyday and it made me really sad. Sad for myself. You are part of me. We are connected, very much like an invisible umbilical cord. The thing is I need you as much as you need me. But I know one day that will change and you won’t need me as much. I will still need you. However, I pray everyday that your father and I can raise you to be a Godly, smart, wonderful person and that you may be blessed with a happy, healthy, prosperous, long life. So for now I will keep enjoying every second I have with you.



The Frugle, Yet Practical Approach to Cloth Diapers…

Alright, at this point I consisder myself pretty informed on cloth diapers. I’ve tried so many styles and brands that I feel I have a pretty good grip on what works and what doesn’t. I have to say that each child is different so what works for us may not work for you but I have a good idea it will.

Cloth diapering on a budget…(listen to me, I promise I have an idea of what I’m talking about)

1) Diaper covers. I have tried pockets and covers and by far covers have worked best for me. I have also tried numerous types of covers finding a few to really be the best covers for particular reason to be described in another post. I would purchase 7 Flip Diaper Covers, preferably from Kellyscloset.com while they are running a coupons or something…they often do spend this much and get a free diaper (usually pockets). Why 7? Two per day with an extra for a super mess. I wash about every 3 days, if not sooner.

2) Inserts. This is the how to do it the cheap way… Go to Wal-Mart and buy 2 packs of their prefold cloth diapers that are 14.99 per pack of 12 and 2 packs of their flat cloth diapers, same price. Why both? I like to wrap the flat inside the prefold for extra absorbancy. At night for my heavy wetter I add an extra hemp insert, Fuzzibunz hemp insert 3 pack for 14.99.

3) Laundry detergent. I have used two types of laundry detergents. I would recommend spending the money on cloth diaper detergent. I know its expensive but its worth it! I prefer Rockin’ Green Laundry detergent. I also use the Rockin’ Green Funk Rock ammonia bouncer with each wash. It is well worth the money.

4) Wet Bags/ Pail Liners. At first you can get away with just 1 of each but I would recommend two pail liners at least. It makes for a nice rotation during laundry day. I personally have three wet bags and two pail liners that work great for us. I am not brand specific. They all seem to work the same to me.

5) Diaper Pail. I use a dry diaper system, which is recommended by almost everyone. I use a step-open trash can which can be purchased for about $20.

6) Cloth Diaper-Safe Cream. A must if you plan on cloth diapering. At some point you might get a red area and need to apply something so have it ready. I really like CJ’s Spritz’O butter. Keeps your hands clean(er) and smells great. I also always have Grandma Eli’s Diaper Rash Cream around as well. I also always have a little Tea Tree Oil to get rid of anything even slightly resembling yeast ; )

7) Cloth Wipes. The cheapest and easiest thing to use are baby wash cloths. I’m sure you have tons from your baby shower and if you don’t go to Ross and find a pack of 12 on clearance for $2.

8) Cloth Wipe Solution. I have used Baby Bum Drops but really have found that plain water with a little Tea Tree Oil works great. I also use a plain old spray bottle from the store that can be purchased for a couple dollars.

So for a grand total of….

7 Flip covers at 13.97 each =97.79
2 Prefolds packs of 12 = 29.98
2 Flat packs of 12 = 29.98
Fuzzibunz 3 Pack Hemp inserts = 14.99
1 bag of Rockin’Green Laundry Detergent 45/90 loads = 14.95
1 bag of Rockin’ Green Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer 15 Loads = 12.95
2 GroVia Pail Liner = 30.50
1 Grovia Wet Bag = 6.75
1 Step-open trash can= 20.00
CJ’s Spritz O’Butter= 9.00
Grandma Eli’s Cream= 10.97
Tea Tree Oil (local grocery store) = 12.00
Cloth wipes (baby washcloths) 2 packs of 6 brand new at target 5.99 each= 11.98
Spray bottle for water= 3.00

For a GRAND TOTAL OF ====== $304.84

You could even shave off…
-3 covers (which mean more frequent laundry) for 41.97
-1 pack of prefolds for 14.99
-1 pack of flats for 14.99
-wet bag, use grocery store plastic bag for 6.75
-1 pail liner for 15.25
-1 pack of washcloths for 5.99

Saving $99.88, bringing your GRAND TOTAL TO $204.96!!!!

Not so bad, right? Save money, save the planet and have a baby with a cute fluffy butt! Now I understand that you may not have $300 right off the bat to just put towards cloth diapers. Lets say that around 5 months prego you decide that you might want to try and cloth diaper ; ) Start saving…$60 bucks a month and/or register for cloth diapers for you baby shower.