We are traveling this weekend to ATL, one of my favorite cities. Its going to be a long car ride with the little one but I have plans on making it as smooth as possible. We are planning to leave in the early part of the evening on Friday. I am hoping that I can persuade Brie to wait and take her nap on the way not in the afternoon like she usually does. So to keep her busy I am planning on brining the following:

*iPad- at least 13 episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba
*Color wonder markers and paper
*A lap desk
*Snacks galore
*A new toy that might keep her occupied, not sure what just hoping to find something at Target that looks like it will be entertaining.

While in ATL we plan on going to a couple of baseball games and visiting the city. We are driving back Sunday after the game and hopefully will have a nice sleepy trip home ; )

Wish us luck!


15 months oh my!

Brie Brie,

Time is flying by and each day you amaze me more and more with how AMAZING you are. Not that I ever doubted how amazing you were but wow I never expected the amount of love that I feel for you. You make my sun shine : )

Fun facts about you at 15 months:

Food: Yummy, you eat amazing for a toddler, I’ve heard horror stories of picky toddlers who will not eat anything. I keep waiting on you to get “picky” but you haven’t yet. You chow down on everything. I think your favorites are still banana, strawberries, cheese, deli meat and chick’n nuggets (fake chicken). The list of things you don’t like is super short. Your not crazy about…I really can’t think of anything that you really don’t like : )

Language: You are talking so well. You mimic many words that we say to you. You still have not put many words together but you will get there. Your vocabulary is pretty large. You are a pro at signing “more” and last night you started to sign “please”. Funny story last night you wanted to drink from my water bottle but after I let you, you then spilt the last sip all over my shirt. So I took it away. You started signing and saying “more” and then started signing “more please” and when I wouldn’t give the other water bottle to you, you got so mad. I think you thought that if you signed “more please” you would get whatever you wanted.

Monkey baby: YOur part monkey, I’m convinced. If your not climbing, your dancing, jumping, running, spinning in circles, walking backwards, using Sharaz as a stool…point being you don’t stop.

Growth spurt: YOu recently went through a pretty big growth spurt, which means…more cloths and shoes. YOu are now in 24months/2T and size 5 shoes. Gosh kid slow down…I keep saying I’m going to stop feeding you daily and start an everyother day routine ; )

Personality: YOu are the sweetest, most affectionate little lady in the world. You give me kisses all the time. I LOVE them. One day you will not pull my face to yours and kiss it so for now I will charrish those sweet kisses. I love you so much!!!!!

Whats going on in our world: At home daddy is busy getting ready for his promotion to his own store. He will be GM of a brand new store. He is excited and anxious. I am sure this will be hard on us as he will be living there pretty much non-stop for the first couple weeks. Boo! I am so happy for him though. Grandma lost her job, so she is bummed but she is a great person so she will find another one soon. Tomorrow we are going to put Primo to sleep. She bit mommy and made my finger bleed. We can’t chance it with you. You love her and she hates you. We believe that she is in pain and uncomfortable and that is why she is so mean. I know this will be extremely hard on Daddy. On a happy note we are going to ATL next weekend. This is one of my favorite cities! We are going to watch your first baseball game. The Cubs vs. the braves. WE are also meeting up with Uncle Danny and Aunt Holly!!!!! We are also going with Uncle Keith, Aunt Kourtney, Uncle Willie and the twins ; ) It should be tons of fun. In the world most recently the government decided that they could extend the debt ceiling so that they wouldn’t default on their bill’s. I think this is probably a bad situation but hey if your already trillions in debt what a few more?

There is really no way that I could explain in words just how amazing you are. I just keep thinking God everyday for letting me spend every moment that I get to spend with you!

Love forever,