trying again!

So the husband and I are and have been trying for the last couple months to have our second little blessing. All this TTC has me thinking about what I would like to have with the next one. So some of the things that I would like to get for this one that I didn’t have for Brie are as follows:

1)Newborn cloth diaper covers, probably used G-baby bundle for newborns

2) Arm’s reach mini co-sleeper bassinet

3) Motherlove Organic Nipple Cream

4) Cloth nursing pads

5) Earth Mama Booby Tubes

6) A ring sling

7) Green Goop Nipple Cream

8) A double stroller

So along with everything else that I already have, pretty sure this will complete the List ; )


14 months, what?

Brie (fyi your daddy hates when I call you that),

Holy batman, your 14 months old! Stop it, just when I thought time couldn’t pass any quicker it does. You are the most amazing little monkey monster in the world! You have changed a lot lately. So here are some fun facts about you at 14 months old:

You wear size 18-24 months, although 18 is getting a little snug ; ) You now are in size 4 shoes. Speaking of clothes you like to try and dress yourself. Often times you find shirts that belong to mommy and put them over your head and walk around looking so freaking cute. The other day I watched as you tried to put your own shoes on, although it was unsuccessful, it just shows how smart you are. Speaking of shoes, you love them! You love wearing yours and also bring mine to me and putting them on my feet. I think its because you always want to go outside? You also try to put Daddies on.

You love Daddy and I the most ever! You cover us with kisses all the time. You adore your grandmother very much.

You love and love to death your pets. You love your Sharaz but also use her as a ride/bounce toy. Which she really doesn’t care, she is really a great dog. As for Emily you love to sit on her the only problem she is like 12bls, so I am constantly telling you to be nice and not to sit on her, usually you smile and laugh and do it again….The cats tail….I think your trying to remove them. You seriously try to drag them around by their poor tails. You have received time out for this behavior. In our house we love our animals and its important that you learn to love and be nice to them as well.

Toys: You are playing more and more with your toys by yourself. Aunt Lin bought you some cardboard “abc’s” and you love them. I attached velcro to the back and stuck them to the wall and now you pick them off and bring them to us…super cute. You also love you baby, you carry her around and talk to her in babble. You are starting to pretend now. In the shower the other day you were taking you bath toys and making them kiss. Oh you also love your Leap Frog animal magnet song fridge toy. You dance the cutest dances and are constantly playing with it.

What your doing:
Its more like what your not doing. You dance, walk backwards, spin in circles, climb, talk, kiss, get in trouble, perform simple tasks (shut the door, help feed the dogs, clean up) Your really making great strides in the area of swimming. You kick really well, you float with your head supported, you can now climb out of the pool on the side by yourself, you jump in, you can go under and hold your breath. Your so amazing ; )

You love your milk but mostly in a bottle, you still love berries and avacado. YOu love cheese and deli meat, black olives, pickles, red cabbage, shrimp, the list goes forever!