My toddler : )


You had an amazing birthday! You only picked at your cake but you loved all the awesome presents that everyone got for you! We had your 1 yr check-up on May 2nd, you weighed 19lb 8 oz, which is 25% and 30in tall, which is 75%. Some other fun stuff going on is that your daddy and I are trying to work out our differences. Praying that it all works out ; ) I love you baby girl.

Fun Facts:

You favorite people right now are Me, Aunt Jamie, Daddy, Nicholas, Victoria and Grandma (in that order).

You love to breastfeed, I thought you were going to wean but nope. Your still going full-force. We are still co-sleeping, but to be honest it’s getting to be exhausting. I look forward to you sleeping in a bed of your own. probably won’t happen though.

Your favorite toys are you new playhouse, your baby stroller, baby doll and necklaces. Pretty much anything that you can put around your neck turns into a necklace. You really love all the pretty ones that you have. It’s really cute.

New words: eyes (while poking out my eyes), ba for my boob, there are so many, your learning so much.

You wear size 18-24 months and still size 3-4 shoes. You still only have 4 teeth but I’m pretty sure you have some more coming through soon.

You hair is getting longer now, when its wet it goes down to the bottom of your neck. It’s also got a lot of wave to it. Since you’ve been in the sun a lot lately it’s lightened up and gotten a red high-light to it. It reminds me a lot of my natural hair color.

YOu recently lost your big toenail on your left foot. You dropped a can on it, OUCH!

You still eat almost anything. You have no allergies so far that we are aware of ; )

You love your doggies and cats, you really love feeding them.

Your daddy and I took you to the zoo for the first time this last Friday. Your favorite things were the monkeys and the petting area part. It was pretty cute watching you feed the sheep.

You have developed quit the attitude lately. You scream and growl at the same time when you get really mad. I am pretty stern about not letting you get your way when you do that. On a funny note you growl pretty regularly just for fun.

YOu are hilarious when you walk around the house on your pretend phone having a conversation, anything and everything functions as a phone ; ) You also have this super cute “hi” every time you walk into a room and see someone. You’re an amazing little girl every day you are in my life I fall more in love and my heart is already overflowing…


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