13 months!


Stop it already, your getting way too big way too fast. I can not believe you are now 13 months old. Life has been pretty amazing for us Goodenbury Girls. Daddy has been the most amazing man ever. Its like his eyes have been opened to your beauitful splendid light. We have had so much fun as a family this month. We went to Seaworld on Memorial Day and had a blast. You loved the fish tanks and were a little scared of the dophines when we fed them. Daddy is finding a renter to take over the lease on the Lake Mary home so that we can moved in together at the Sanford home. It will be so nice to have us together as a family.

Some fun facts about you at 13 months:

I stopped breastfeeding you this last month. You have had a little trouble dealing with it but your adjusting. You have taken well to milk, almost a little to well, you have decreased your intake of food slightly but your still a very good eater.

You still only have 4 teeth, I’m pretty sure that your not getting any other any time soon. I checked with your pediatrician and they are not worried so we will just deal with what we got.

Your favorite foods are still black beans, avacado and strawberries. You eat a lot of other foods as well. You recently have started to really love gatorade. NOt my fav choice of drinks but some fights are not worth having, so your allowed one cup/day of the non-food coloring clear wild berry.

You have moved up to size 4 shoes and are wearing 18months cloths. You are still being cloth diapered, we have slowly transitioned to just Flip diaper covers and inserts as those are the only ones that don’t leak ; )

I cut your bangs this month. I try and put your hair up all the time but sometimes when your in a “mood” you take it down and I can NOT stand it in your eyes so I trimmed you bangs and you look super cute.

Your vocabulary is always expanding. Potty, duck, cup are some of your new words.

You constantly are and have bruises everywhere. Your always running into something or falling. Bubble wrap has crossed my mind.

You still LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba, I think that we have watched EVERY episode and I know all the words. I love being your mom!

Speaking of MOm, you just recently started yelling MaMaMa and I follow back with BRIBRibri. Its pretty cute.

I read an article that said you can pretty much determine your child’s future personality by 6 months and not to brag but you are going to be one of the coolest people ever! Your a spitfire, bossy, lovable, smart and beautiful person already. This world is very blessed.

I love you so much baby girl, Happy 13 months!




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