Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


You are going to be 1 years old on Saturday! It’s hard to swallow that my dear sweet baby girl is already 1. This year has been filled with its challenges but I have never loved until I had you. I’ve loved people but to love your child is something so different. I now understand God’s love for us. His ability to forgive and understand. How no matter how far we stray his love doesn’t fade. This is the love I have for you my sweet girl. You are amazing and perfect. Your sweet smile and warm hugs are really the most perfect part of my life. The joy and happiness that you give me, well there are no words to really express what its like to have you in my life. Its the happiest I have ever been. I know everything else in my life has gone to shambles but it’s really minimal when it comes to making sure that you are doing well. You give me strength that I didn’t know I had. I look through your eyes and see that I need to be the role model that I want you to be when your grown. I want to love a man who shares characteristics that I would want you to love. I need to be treated in a manner that I would only accept for you because what you see me accept you to will accept and I can’t have nothing but the best for my sweet girl. I will never be able to thank God enough for you. All I can do is teach you about him and show you how wonderful he is. I love you baby girl, thank you for all that you have taught me this year! I look forward to a lifetime with you!

About your Party:

It’s a joint party with Kaleb (my cousin’s son that Aunt Heidi has custody)

Theme: Circus, under the big top! I purchased a PDF from etsy.com, with all the decorations and have put them together with the help of anybody that I could drag into it ; )

Guest List: We are expecting lots of people.

Games: A large water slide for fun, pin the nose on the clown, ring toss and a water balloon toss.

Food: popcorn (cheddar/caramel), veggie/fruit tray, hot dogs, fried chicken and of course cupcake (made by momma)

Presents: So many! I’ve already given you most of yours because I just love making you smile…shame shame shame! I got you a playhouse (Grandma and I put together last night) you love it. I also got you a talking play piggy bank, a leapfrog magnet toy, soft cars and a talking play kitchen. Grandma and Aunt Jamie are getting you a shopping cart/stroller, baby and a bouncy toy thing. The McGoverns got you your first laptop. Daddy is getting you, your first tricycle. As for everyone else we have to wait until Saturday ; )

I will do an update about your facts after the 1st (we are having your check up)!




(belated) Happy 11 Months!


You are 11 months and 2 weeks today, ugh time is going so quickly my baby girl. You are my little toddler now but you will always be my baby : ) We have been very busy. This past weekend was spent at Cocoa Beach. It was your first time visiting the beach and you loved it! I lathered your cute little butt up with 70 spf and away we went. You loved the ocean and waves. You really enjoyed it when we would lift you over the waves, it was so cute. You also loved the sand, so much you felt the need to stuff a few handfuls in your mouth. Not sure why you enjoyed eating it so much but to each their own. Here are some fun facts about you at this point:

What your eating: You feed yourself all of your meals, you’re a very independent little lady. When y ou are done eating you feel the need to throw your plate, cup and any left over food on the floor. Not my favorite habit of yours. You also love feeding the animals your food. Bella (Victoria’s Cat) who usually avoids you, will come and sit next to your high chair on a kitchen chair and wait for you to feed her. Which you always do. It’s very cute. Some of your favorite foods are black beans, avocado, greek yogurt, juice boxes, cookies (thanks to everyone else except mommy) and bananas. You are pretty good with a spoon and still love to put your dirty hands in your hair while you eat. I often refer to it as your conditioning treatment.

What you’re wearing: About 3-4 outfits per day. It is impossible to keep you clean. You are wearing mostly size 18 months and still size 3 in shoes. However you recently have worn a pair of your size 4 sandals.

What you’re doing: YOUR A WALKER!!!! On your 11 month birthday you walked for Aunt Jamie and I. You stood up in our room and took a few steps. It was amazing and I will forever cherish being able to see it. Thank you for saving that special milestone for me! You walk more and more each day. It really is the cutest thing ever!!!! You also learn new words all the time. Your great at “B” words, ball, bath, baby, balloon, bye, bite; you also say kitty, all done, thank you and lots of baby babble.

YOur favorite things: Aunt Jamie, nipples (strange I know), breastfeeding, baths, and going outside. Oh and the fridge. If you see anyone open the fridges it’s a race to see if they will get it closed before you make it to it. You have also learned how to open the dishwasher…fun!

Breastfeeding fun: A few weeks ago we ran out of stored breast milk so I have been supplementing you with organic whole milk while I worked and breastfeeding whenever I am home. You have done very well with the adjustment when I am not home. However when I am home you breastfeed all the time. Its kind of crazy because I was thinking about weaning you since you weren’t doing it as much and were drinking milk so well but you have decided that will not happen anytime soon. Breastfeeding you is quite funny and interesting. You really don’t like to nurse laying in my arms but would prefer to lay like a kitten suckling on its mother? Kind of weird but your bossy so I let you do it. The other day you decided to give raspberries to me while nursing. You will often talking while nursing as well. It’s always very entertaining to breastfeed you.

I cannot believe in 20 short days you will be a year old. This has been the most trying and wonderful year of my life. You are the most amazing little person I have ever had the honor of knowing and cannot imagine spending a single day without you. Some say I am obsessed but it’s just love. I love you so much and thank you for making me a better person.

I love you so much my sweet baby girl!