10 months

Bri Bri,

My dearest daughter, this is a hard blog to write. I am so excited to blog about your turning 10 months old but this has been the most trying month of your momma’s life. Not because of you, your amazing! Because your daddy and I can’t seem to make our marriage work. I am not going into details but we are moving out of our house and moving in with Grandma, Aunt Jamie, Victoria and Nickolas. You seem to be oblivious to all of the changes. I just want to make sure you are happy and healthy and I really think I am making the best choice for us. So anyways heres whats been going on with you over the last months ; )

-You are an amazingly fast crawler. You follow me everywhere and I love it.

-You are into EVERYTHING! I swear I have to save your life at least 3 times a day. Your very determined to get yourself killed. Your fascination with plug outlets, every piece of “something” you find on the floor, pretty much anything you can find that might be dangerous you seem to find…you keep me busy ; )

-You are still wearing size 12 months, although some of the pants have gotten too short.

-Your shoe size is still 3

-You still love the same foods and really like to drink out of a juice box.

-You have started to be selective of people, you either cry or flirt. Not sure how you determine whom you’re going to like but you probably get your judge of character from your mom, I think I am a pretty good judge of character ; )

-You seem to be taking to your car seat better but I’ve been using the Ipad as a portable DVD player with or course “Yo Gabba Gabba” playing while we drive anywhere.

-You try to climb on stuff, which is another one of your self-destructive new traits ; )

-Your favorite toys are not toys but my keys right now. I actually just give you the second set so that you will be content.

This morning before I left, you had woken up so I tried to nurse you back to sleep and you tangled your sweet little fingers in my hair and had your legs on top of me. I hated to leave you. You love me and I love you. You make my life so happy. I love you so much my sweet baby girl.




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