9 months…


You are 9 months old today! I wish I were playing with you and having fun but alas I must work…I will have to write you my love letter from here. You have amazed me yet again with just how wonderful you are. These last 9 months have been the best part of my life. You honestly complete me in a way that nothing in this world ever has. I love daddy very much and he makes me very happy (most of the time) but there is nothing like a love for your child. So enough about my obsession with you more about who you are right now:

You wear size 3 shoes and size 12 month cloths

Your cloth diapers are on the second setting and recently I found you opening your diaper (it was velcro).

You have 4 teeth, two top and two buttom.

You wave bye bye and hi

YOu are a dancing queen! YOu dance to all kinds of music and pretty much anything. You bop up and down and look to see who is watching and smile when you see us. Its probably the cutest thing ever. You even know what “dance” means, as soon as someone says it you start to dance.

You eat three meals aday, drink anywhere between 12-16 oz of breast milk and cups of juice or water with your meals. Your have recently decided that breakfast is not your favorite meal and I’ve had a lot of trouble finding something for you to eat. You however still love black bean from tijuana flatts (daddy’s restuarant) and chicken noodle soup. You are very independent and feed your self all of your food.

Your favorite toys are your entertainment table (which you push around like a walker) and your foofa doll (from Yo GABBA GABBA!)

Your favorite show is still Yo Gabba Gabba!

You LOVE your aunt Jamie and Grandma.

You like to go for walks in your stroller, we will take hour long walks and you don’t make a peep, just sit back and enjoy the view.

You love your doggy sharaz, you give her hugs all the time. Speaking of hugs you give the BEST hugs ever!

You will NOT say mama, only dada and baaaaa (yes like the sheep), we also have yelling matches at the top of our lungs and high pitched as we can go. Super fun but daddy says its not and tells me to stop encouraging you…good thing daddy works all the time ; )

While I am at work, you are either with daddy, Grandma or Aunt Jamie!

Last week Daddy and I took you to a place called ” My Gym” and you loved it. So we signed you up and now have a fun class every Monday! On Fridays we still go to baby bunch but when you turn a year old your booted so I wanted to find another activity for you : )

You are a cruiser, you can furniture cruise with the best of them. You also are a “three-legged” crawler. By three-legged crawler I mean, you scoot with your right leg and two arms and butt. Super cute.

You eat everything you find on the floor (gross), this week I have retrieved the following items from your mouth: a couple sticks, fuzz from a toy the dog chewed up and leaves.

I am already working on your birthday party plans, we are having a joint party with Kaleb since his birthday is two days before yours. Circus is the theme and we plan to have a bounce house. Its going to be the best 1st birthday EVER!

So thats it for now. You are the most amazing little being in the whole world and I am so blessed and thankful for God trusting us with you. I love you so much and pray everyday for your health and safety as well as the ability to raise you so that you will love God and Jesus as we do.

From this point on I want to include a piece of “advice” in your monthy letters.

I would like you to remember that we are “entitled” to nothing, all of our blessing are from God and we are to be thankful for those blessing.

Love you baby girl,



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