quick updates

Brielle was amazing on the flight to TN, she slept the entire time! We had a great time in TN. We both saw snow for the first time ; ) We had some wonderful fun visiting some great places to eat and catching up with two of our favorite people. One of the days we went to the Jack Daniels distillery, it was awesome. I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting that part of TN. We also got to visit Holly’s parents and meet their horses and donkey, which Brielle LOVED! I loved them too. Brielle also did A-mazing on the drive home. I was not looking forward to this part as she tends to hate her car seat but we traveled at the perfect time and she slept most of the way. When she was awake we stopped to eat or she was watching Nick Jr on Danny and Holly’s Ipad via “sling shot”. Pretty awesome. We rang in the New Year at our house with some of our favorite people and she slept through it all, even Willy! so since then we have been getting back into the grove of life with some minor bumps in the road.

Some of Brielle’s new tricks are:
*she grinds her teeth : ( very horrible noise.
* she has her 4th tooth, top middle right it came through earlier in the week.
*she is still demanding that she hold our fingers and walk EVERYWHERE with her. So bossy ; )
*she has started to hug people, mostly children but it is so adorable.

Gosh I love that kid. Promise next time I am home with some time to spare I will post some much-needed photos to the blog.


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