Dear Brielle…

Your an amazing little girl. We have an exciting week ahead of us. Your first Christmas is on Saturday! We have the house all decorated and lots of presents that Mommy still needs to finish wrapping and a day filled with fun planned. You will also be at your first annual Christmas Eve Party. Last year you attended in my tummy : ) This is our family tradition that we have done for as long as I can remember. All the family gathers to have food and fun, its great. We have been hosting it for the last 3 years. I think you will have a lot of fun. We are also going on our first vacation! We are going to TN to visit your Aunty Holly and Uncle Danny. We will fly there on the 27th (your first flight) and drive home with them on the 30th (your first road trip). So there will be lots of firsts to remember and enjoy. We will also be celebrating your 8th month Birthday! I am going to reflect on that now since I know we will be super busy and might not get to it on that day. So Happy Early 8 month Birthday! You have grown so much in a month.

Some fun stuff that you do:

You laugh hystrically at your doggies when they are out back asking to come in and we sit at the sliding glass door and while they scratch. You think it is halerious. They however probably don’t think its funny as we ignor them in order to hear you laugh. Too bad because your laughter is like music, the sweetest music I have ever heard.

You’ve started to twirl your hair when your falling asleep. Its so cute and sweet.

You love to point at stuff and wave hi. Well its not really hi more of an hand wide open. Not sure the exact meaning but cute nonetheless.

You also love to walk around, with help of course! You like to hold our fingers and walk or hold on to the table and stand. For the most part we try not to let you fall : )

Things you don’t like:

Getting dressed? Its cold you have to wear cloths kid.

Staying in your blow-up bathtub. You now lean over the side and splash in the water from the shower. Sometimes you lean so much you slip right out. Its getting difficult to take showers with you now that you don’t stay nicely in your tub : )

Taking naps unless Mommy sleeps with you. Which makes it difficult for everyone else and makes you cranky. I can’t always stay in bed either. Chores are to be done.

You still are not a fan of your carseat…ugh!

Fun facts:

Your hair is starting to grow on the top of your head, so now you have some pretty long pieces ; ) not enought to really put up yet. But we are getting there.

You wear 12 month pants, mostly because of your cloth diapers but your a big girl ; )

You wear 9-12 month tops.

Your shoe size is 3

Your favorite toy is a little curious George Monkey at home and while in the car a crib aquarium that we bring with us because you are not into car rides.

ABC’s is still your favorite song.

Your favorite t.v. show is Yo Gaba Gabba!

For now that is it! YOu are the most amazing blessing I have ever received and I thank God everyday that he gave you to me. Its been so much fun watching you grow but scary because you are growing so quickly. I just love our time so much. Thank you for making me so happy : )




Animal instincts

It’s what I would expect a mother bear to feel if separated from her cub. I hate being separated from you my little cub! But work seems to get in the way of our lovely days of play. Even after 6 months of being back at work full-time the anxiety still creeps up the night before I know I have to work.