Happy 7 month Birthday!

Dear Princess Poppy Pants,

Today you are 7 months old!  Wow what an amazing 7 months this has been.  You have grown from being my tiny little peanut to a sweet baby girl.  The day I found out I was pregnant, I was in love with you, the day I heard your heartbeat I knew fear because I had never loved someone so much, the day I held you in my arms when you were born I felt complete.  You were a dream come true a wish that I had thought would never happen.  You are utterly amazing.  Your laugh makes my heart grow bigger, your smile makes me warm inside.  You are growing quickly, I am already planning your huge birthday bash!  I am extremely proud to be YOUR mommy!  Everyone always says how beautiful you are, most only see the outside and while you are extremely beautiful your physical beauty is no match to the beauty that I see on the inside.  You are always smiling, you share smiles with everyone you see.  You are such a happy girl.  You love your doggies and love your daddy.  I know you love me too.  You show me with your kisses and your eyes.  You can speak through you eyes.  I can tell when you want me to hold you.  I know it’s the beginning of a growing bond that we will share forever. 

Here are some fun facts about you:

You love the abc song, you can be crying and daddy and I will start singing and you stop crying and smile.  Your daddy has been singing this song to you since you were born but now you just love it.

You love chicken noodle soup.  You like all kinds of food, actually I haven’t found food that you don’t like but you LOVE chicken noodle soup : )  of course it’s mostly just chicken, noodles and carrots but nonetheless you love it.

You love your doggies and 2 of your doggies love you.  Primo is old and won’t let you come near her ( not that I would let you near her but…)  She is your favorite, go figure?

You love to play with your fingers and small detailed objects.  Your hand coordination is getting really good.

You are learning to wave bye-bye.

You have no desire to roll around, you would rather stand-up of course you fall back so you can only do it when someone is standing behind you. 

That is it for now my beautiful little girl.





What makes you a mother? Just because you gave birth? I think not. A mother devotes her life from the moment she knows she is pregnant to do whatever necessary to prioritize her child. For some it comes natural, for others it’s a little more work. I understand that. But what I don’t understand is how you can do drugs while you are pregnant? How can you snort a line with your huge belly in the way? Ugh! Okay so your addicted, fine go get an abortion (I don’t believe in abortions personally  but if your going to hurt your child then it’s probably in the best interest of the Child) or better yet check yourself into rehab!

In the NICU we see too many drug abusing “mothers”.  It also seems to go hand and hand with little or no prenatal care. Most of the time I just curse them in my head and pray they make better decisions from that point on for their child.  But recently a “mother” really pissed me off. She said that she wanted “everything done” to save her baby! Okay so this sounds natural for a mother to say except in this circumstance this ” mother” tested positive for street drugs at the time she came in in labor, these drugs are out of your system in about 72 hours, these drugs can cause a woman to go into premature labor, these drugs are why her child is fighting for it’s life at the youngest we resuscitate! The baby is so tiny that it’s skin is burned by our tiny monitor leads. The child has a 10% chance of survival and of that 10% about 90% have severe neurological deficits! And this doesn’t even begin to paint the picture of the torture a 23 weeker goes through. Point being you want everything done why didn’t you think about that before you snorted that line?