snot happens

What I have learned so far as a parent that used to bother me before I had her…

-Heads slump over in the carseat…they are asleep so it must not be that uncomfortable?

-Snot happens and happens…Bri HATES her nose wiped, she screams and cries in turn causing more snot…pick your battles with the snot : )

-Kids get dirty, really dirty…no matter how often I clean her, she always ends up with something on her.

-The things she puts in her mouth, this is one of the things I thought I would be a freak about but gosh its hard to keep up with her. I am still trying to find a way to keep her toys “clean” she is ALWAYS throwing them on the floor…ugh at least shes building her immune system right?

-Working my life around her needs. I always said before kids that I would fit her into my lifestyle. Needless to say after having her it works the other way around. It doesn’t bother me like I thought it would, it feels natural and not so much a sacrifice…guess thats part of being a Mommy

I am sure there will be A LOT more to learn but for now the biggest thing I try to remember is to never say never for I know to well I will be definitely eating my words at one point!

I so love being her Mommy ; )


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