Month 5

Ugh this month has been trying for us.  Princess Poopy pants got her first rash and now her first “sickness” of sorts.  We work so hard to take good care of our girl.  I know that it was inevitable that she would eventually get sick but this sucks.  I hate seeing her red eyes, and hearing her stuffy nose.  My poor baby : ( I didn’t take her to the doc I know most infant sicknesses are viral and there wouldn’t be much they could do anyways.  She has mostly clear snot and the congestion seems to be in her head, crossing our fingers it stays out of her chest. So we have the humidifier on and been sucking snot out with my bad-ass snot sucker.  Plans are that if she isn’t feeling better by Friday I will take her into her peds.  On a good note I got the rash to go away in two days….whew!   I take care of sick babies for a living and I think that I am pretty good at it but there is something about ‘her’ being sick that really gets me.  I hope that she feels better soon and I also hope maybe its just her teeth trying to come in.


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