snot happens

What I have learned so far as a parent that used to bother me before I had her…

-Heads slump over in the carseat…they are asleep so it must not be that uncomfortable?

-Snot happens and happens…Bri HATES her nose wiped, she screams and cries in turn causing more snot…pick your battles with the snot : )

-Kids get dirty, really dirty…no matter how often I clean her, she always ends up with something on her.

-The things she puts in her mouth, this is one of the things I thought I would be a freak about but gosh its hard to keep up with her. I am still trying to find a way to keep her toys “clean” she is ALWAYS throwing them on the floor…ugh at least shes building her immune system right?

-Working my life around her needs. I always said before kids that I would fit her into my lifestyle. Needless to say after having her it works the other way around. It doesn’t bother me like I thought it would, it feels natural and not so much a sacrifice…guess thats part of being a Mommy

I am sure there will be A LOT more to learn but for now the biggest thing I try to remember is to never say never for I know to well I will be definitely eating my words at one point!

I so love being her Mommy ; )


crusty hair?

Before we left to the post office I decided I should give my hair a little brushing so I didn’t look like a crazy person, only to find my brush would not go through some of my hair.  Baby food, snot, drool?  Who knows, but it sure would make a good gel in a pinch ; )

Munchkin Drying Rack

I registered for this rack and wish I wouldn’t have : (  It is definitely a bust.  The reason it is a bust is mostly because it doesn’t have drain holes  therefore causing water to sit in it and get gross.  A couple of holes would have made all the difference.  I would definitely make sure when looking for a bottle drying rack to find one with draining holes of some sort.

Overall 2.2 out f 5 stars!

Price 5 out of 5 stars

-Very inexpensive, but worth it to pay more for one with drain holes.

Quality 1 out of 5 stars

-It is a plastic drying rack what more can I say

Size 2 out of 5 stars

-It really is only practical for daily washes, so if your a slacker like me and work two days in a row and don’t feel like washing the bottles (rinsed and soaking) until the second day then they don’t all fit.

Ease of Set-Up 5 out of 5 stars

– Didn’t have to do anything except open the package.

I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

Month 5

Ugh this month has been trying for us.  Princess Poopy pants got her first rash and now her first “sickness” of sorts.  We work so hard to take good care of our girl.  I know that it was inevitable that she would eventually get sick but this sucks.  I hate seeing her red eyes, and hearing her stuffy nose.  My poor baby : ( I didn’t take her to the doc I know most infant sicknesses are viral and there wouldn’t be much they could do anyways.  She has mostly clear snot and the congestion seems to be in her head, crossing our fingers it stays out of her chest. So we have the humidifier on and been sucking snot out with my bad-ass snot sucker.  Plans are that if she isn’t feeling better by Friday I will take her into her peds.  On a good note I got the rash to go away in two days….whew!   I take care of sick babies for a living and I think that I am pretty good at it but there is something about ‘her’ being sick that really gets me.  I hope that she feels better soon and I also hope maybe its just her teeth trying to come in.